The First One

The book invites trailblazers, pioneers and firsts to be seen, acknowledged and celebrated for their bravery to step forward and lead and also provides tips and resources for them to further grow and develop in their leadership journey.

Hi, I'm Maria

I am an Entrepreneur, Author and Leadership Development Consultant.

Over a decade ago, I founded AMA Consulting, a professional services firm that provides solutions to federal programs. Prior to that I worked in Academia, Real Estate, Industry and Government. My 20 year career centers around developing people to achieve great things and solving complex problems within organizations.

My passion is helping emerging leaders define their leadership philosophy and leading effectively using it. With my experience, I bring real, applicable solutions to organizational issues leaders face around leading teams, navigating change and optimizing performance. 

As a leader, I can help you build your confidence and deploy your unique tools to  optimize the performance of your organization. I do this through my training courses and consulting engagements.

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