The First One

By Maria Asuelimen | Available Now!


This book is for trailblazers, the first to do what they are doing in their family, community or organization who struggle to define and lead from their authentic self. The firsts are often misunderstood and lack guidance on how to lead in a way that is unique to them because there is no precedent for them to follow.

This book will serve as a guide for the first to gain confidence in their own leadership philosophy and it will also shed light on some of the inner struggles a lot of firsts have on their leadership journey. The book is divided into three parts: leading self, leading people and leading in an organization. Each part of the book has stories, leadership concepts and methodologies and provides tips for development and growth for the readers.

The book explores concepts like identity, self-awareness, leadership presence, relationship management, team collaboration, crisis management and organizational culture in a very practical and sensible way so that it is easy for readers to adopt and explore concepts that interest them. The book is unique as it provides a perspective of leadership from an author that is an “other” in every sense. A woman of color, immigrant, CEO and mother of 4.

The book invites trailblazers, pioneers and firsts to be seen, acknowledged and celebrated for their bravery to step forward and lead and also provides tips and resources for them to further grow and develop in their leadership journey.

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