AMA Consulting

AMA Consulting is a leading consultancy focused on enhancing organizational performance through strategic leadership development and performance management. Our seasoned consultants bring a blend of experience and agility to assist clients in optimizing their workforce and navigating change with ease. Renowned for our curiosity about client needs, creative interventions, and seamless interactions, we are committed to delivering excellence with integrity and compassion.
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AMA Properties

AMA Properties is a dynamic real estate company specializing in residential and commercial properties across West Africa and North America. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions, we help clients find their ideal homes or investment opportunities. Whether it's navigating the vibrant markets of West Africa or the dynamic landscapes of North America, AMA Properties is committed to excellence in every transaction.
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Magnificent Leadership Conference

The Magnificent Leadership Conference, curated by Maria Asuelimen, Owner and Founder of AMA Consulting, promises to be a transformative event for government and industry leaders alike. Asuelimen brings her expertise from AMA Consulting, a distinguished professional services and IT government contracting firm, to create a safe space for sharing experiences, enhancing competencies, and expanding professional networks. This conference is a unique opportunity for leaders to gather, collaborate, and drive meaningful change in their respective fields.
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